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Last week we announced the final development of our new theme "Intelligent". Today we are happy to tell you that it has been released and is now available for you. Check out the new Intelligent theme:

plugin preview


  • minimal, light and fast (240 KB load in 0.8 seconds)
  • responsive design, looks great on tablets and smartphones
  • changing theme images (if there is an image in the question it becomes the main image of the current website, if not, default images get loaded)
  • theme images are adapting to the screen size
  • 4 Premium Plugins in bundle included
  • clear tidy design: make your site beautiful and appealing to your users
  • Theme Price: 49 USD

Get the Bundle:

Intelligent Theme + 4 Premium Plugins + 4 Free Plugins

  1. Intelligent Theme 49 USD
  2. Liveticker 22 USD
  3. User Info 15 USD
  4. Quick Login 9 USD
  5. Cool Tooltips 9 USD
  6. On-Site-Notifications 0 USD
  7. Prevent Simultaneous Edits 0 USD
  8. Embed Youtube, PDFs, Maps 0 USD
  9. Warn On Leave 0 USD
  10. Discount -19 USD

Total Price: 85 USD




More screenshots and information here:


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