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Hi there!

I have a menu bar which its position is fixed, and I added the CKeditor4-v12 plugin as well and I notice something today.

When I am in fullscreen mode of the CKeditor, the options bar (which contains the options like bold, italic, etc...) is getting under of my menu bar, how can I fix this? like adding margin-top only for the fullscreen mode
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Ok, so I've found this class: .cke_maximized
and I added it to my CSS theme file like this:

.cke_maximized {
    margin-top: 60px !important;

But I don't know why when I'm inspecting element the text is with a line through the text, which means it's not reading that code, so I added !important to it and when I increase the top margin on inspect element, it appears but when I FTP and refresh the page, nothing is happening again... it's like the !important it's not doing anything to it :S

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Probably, more better solution is to change (tune) z-index of your fixed menu.