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Tips: Customizing of color scheme in 30 minutes with FlexArmor2

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asked Oct 20, 2014 in Themes by sama55

This is customize tips for FlexArmor2 owner. FlexArmor2 owners can change site design without touching PHP.

Procedure by Adobe Color CC (kuler) and PaintStrap:

  1. Access Adobe Color CC:
       > https://color.adobe.com
  2. Search (Make new) your favorite color scheme
  3. Confirm theme-ID of your favorite color scheme
  4. Access PaintStrap
       > http://paintstrap.com/
  5. Step1: Input theme-ID
  6. Step2: Confirm (Tune) color scheme with preview window
  7. Step3: Download CSS files
  8. Extract downloaded file
  9. Replace qa-theme/FlexArmor2/addon/bootswatch/custom/* with downloaded files
       > bootstrap.min.css
       > bootstrap.css
       > variables.less
  10. Log in your site with admin account
  11. Goto "Theme (TAC)" > "General"
  12. Choose "Desgin" option to "custom"
  13. Click "save" button


My favorite color scheme is "FENDI"



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1 Answer

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answered Oct 20, 2014 by truthonlytruth
Wow, this is a great tutorial... :)