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closed Planned: SCEditor plugin for free and ad-based

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asked Nov 11, 2014 in Plugins by q2apro
closed Nov 11, 2014 by q2apro

I regularly receive mails from users who want the SCEditor plugin for free. They want to replace the slow editor that comes with the default installation. If you haven't heard about the SCEditor plugin yet, please see the announcement.

I thought about a solution to offer the plugin for free, and finally found one.

In the future there will be 2 versions of the plugin:

Version 1 (Pay):
That is the existing version, no changes.

Version 2 (Free and ad-based)
I will release a free ad-based version of SCEditor under a special license. This license states that you can use the SCEditor plugin for your forum, as long as the built-in ad gets displayed. It will be one banner from Adsense displayed below the question.

Of course, you can always buy version 1 without ads. But for all others, who do not want to spend money, I guess this is a reasonable solution.


So, now my question to the community: How do you like the idea?

Thanks for your feedback,


Demo SCEditor (for newbies):

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