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I'm looking to put the new incoming events notification before of all the user credentials such as - username, points and avatar, rather than being in between of the username and the user points . Example:

username  2  100 Points 

I know that the line I need to change is this one on the qa-history-layer.php (around line 52) . But I don't know for what I need to change it

$this->content['loggedin']['suffix'] = @$this->content['loggedin']['suffix'].' <a class="qa-history-new-event-link"> ... </a>';

I want it to be before of the user credentials and before the following class, so when I click on it I'm not clicking on the username link to go to my profile page.

<div class="qa-nav-user"> ... </div>

This is my desired result

 2   username 100 Points 

<div class="qa-history-new-event-link">  2  </div> <div class="qa-nav-user">username 100 Points </div>

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