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I have a Category description plugin and wanted the description only appear on the current category page only (as per the current plugin configurations) but by default, the description also show up on the ask page/form when the category name is selected. Please advise if it showing up in the ask page/form is any imported for SEO - I do want to compromise that. Thanks.
Q2A version: 1.7

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First of all, where you found category description plugin?

Secondly, if you add category description in the admin section then that description automatically shows on ask page (if you choose that category). Now that description shows only to tell users that what exactly that category is about. It certainly doesn't affect the SEO.
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The plugin (or widget) comes with the theme CleanStrap. Is the category descr' then not at all useful for SEO?

Edit. At the end of the day, I am being bothered by it because I thought it was of some SEO use - otherwise, I will be happy to leave everything as they are :)
Here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/mobile-phones-%26-pdas/ag-cellular/ag-chrome-selfie is an example of the widget's work - bottom left of the ask field.
Hello @Kulani, The category description can be useful for SEO for that category page. But when we talk of Ask page then that page is not affected by any category description.
Description only loads there for a short amount of time (only till the user has not submitted the question), after that there is no description so SEO doesn't get affected at all.
You can use that widget without worry at all.
Secondly, that is a widget from a particular theme and not a plugin... ;)