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In June 2015 I announced the development of the first quiz engine based on question2answer, now in Sep 2016 I finally finished all the necessary parts. 


Transforms your question2answer forum into a community quiz.


  • The question2answer forum software will functioing as a quiz platform with this plugin.
  • Easily create new quiz questions, or let your community create them.
  • Add solution hints to each correct answer.
  • Tags become topics. Play by topic or randomly.
  • Users can skip questions, vote for questions.
  • Widget: Who plays currently, most played questions, statistics per question (wrong/correct).
  • Display your score as nice circle diagram.
  • Detailled statistics about each player.
  • Highscores + Best players per day
  • Note: You need to start a new forum. If you have a community running with questions and answers, you need to install a new version. All questions become quiz questions, all answers become multiple choice answers.


This plugin is used at www.mathegigant.de - feel free to play over there.


Currently the plugin is availabe in English and German. Other languages can easily be added, see the language file within the plugin folder.

Get it

Get it on: https://www.q2apro.com/plugins/quizx

Q2A version: 1.7
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very nice plugin, great work! may be you should consider giving some discount for first few users. You will get more feedback to improve this plugin further.

below link is broken
Thanks for your feedback.

1. Alright, -20 USD discount until 20 Sep. In other words: 120 USD instead of 140 USD.
2. http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/quizx loads fine on my Chrome and Firefox. What do you see?
Good! update price in above main post also. Now link is working fine, dont know what was issue. Yesterday it was showing me 404 error on Firefox.

Also it will be good if you setup demo in English, as most of the site owners use English.
Do you have english demo for this?
English Interface Demo: https://en.fragesport.de/
@ q2apro.com, Thanks!
@q2apro, you are now expert in quiz plugin for q2a. Please think about creating standalone quiz plugin(not converting entire q2a to quiz), separate tables in db and separate interface for expert and above user to create their own quiz. If user takes quiz then give him extra point(only one time). This will definitely add more value to any Q2A site.
@ProThoughts: I dont have the time. I have considered open-sourcing by donation: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/61018/open-sourcing-the-quizx-plugin-donation-collection If this works out, you and other developers can modify all code :)

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Hello !
I have this plugin and it's great ! I'm using this WITH standard questions and answers (quiz = new post type), but it is MANY work to do , but it's doable :)

Small question: is there any possibility to use standard POINTS SYSTEM from q2a in this plugin? This IS really important for me. Any help will be really appreciated :)

No, the point system of the plugin is totally different by design.
any possibilty to change this for me?
I think it's important when points is changing to use difficulty of question (% of correct answers) variable . You should consider this :)
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There was a bunch of questions coming in that I want to state here for others running into the same:

1. Allow to create quiz by user or editor/admin. Ability to set permission.
A: You can control this by the core permission who can create questions.

2. If user creates quiz then he is owner of quiz, others should be able to add new questions to that quiz and then those should go for quiz owner for approval. Once approved then it should be live.
A: Yes, each question goes into the moderation queue. This is implemented in the plugin.

3. Add quiz under category, upto 5/6 level category is enough.
A: Each quiz question gets one tag. The tags are the categories to choose from for playing.

4. Each user should have his score card. Knowledge skills board and points achieved.
A: There is a list for each user what he has played already. Also on the quiz starting page, it shows how many questions per topic (tag) have been played already. The built-in score system regards speed and correctness. Scores are only calculated by day. There is no monthly best, but daily best.

5. ability to view quiz only for registered users.
A: This you do with the core permissions under admin/permissions "Viewing question pages:"

6. Ability to select questions answer using checkbox (multiple options), radio button, or enter text in box.
Each question has only one correct answer. It is chosen by clicking on the big checkmark.

7. ability to add image to question.
Yes, easily.
download not working
Hi i download the plugin but it's not working on my site could you check why it is so https://jai.haveqa.com/qa