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[Paid] Plugin Developer Need! I want to disallow adsense code for two category?

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asked Nov 12, 2017 in Plugins by suis

Adsense doesn't allow serving ads all types of content. Two of the category on my site have not supported content. [Health question & answer but google says some adult content] For this, cause I want a plugin that helps me to remove disable ads code from these categories.

Anyone here who has a time for developing this plugin Please let me know about development cost. smiley

Simple-Ads plugin 

commented Nov 12, 2017 by arjunsuresh
Not taking any price, you can donate any of you like.
commented Nov 12, 2017 by suis
edited Nov 12, 2017 by suis
sounds lovely :) please start :)
commented Nov 13, 2017 by Gurjyot Singh
Hello @arjunsuresh, can you allow us to send you private message. Actually I wanted to talk to you about a small and interesting plugin which maybe helpful to boost users in communities.

I tried to contact you before as well but never got a way.
commented Nov 13, 2017 by arjunsuresh
You can PM now.

No tagging works now in Q2A :) Actually I'm currently trying to do it in a similar way as FB and hopefully it will work at least with CKEditor. Also, the main job for me now is to ensure a proper Email framework which gives full freedom for users. i.e., Any individual can choose from his setting for each kind of event whether to receive 'Email', 'Notice' (from notification plugin), 'Push Notice' (only on Android app). The main use of this is not just for the usual Q2A events, but admins can also create new types of notifications. These two work will be opensource; though as of now I cannot guarantee that they will be proper plugins -- might be specific to CKeditor or even require other free plugins to work because my priority is to get them working asap. Then the Quiz plugin -- which is not free also needs extensions. So I'll be busy with these for quite sometime.

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answered Nov 25, 2017 by ProThoughts
commented Nov 25, 2017 by suis
Thanks                                      .
commented Feb 12 by fahimalfarhan
please tell me how disable categoty in this plugin.
is it ok to just put category name in disable box?