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I have a point system in my Q2A website. Every post gets 1 point; every reply gets 0 point; every plus gets 2 points; every minus gets -1 point.

Now, in order to prevent non-geniue users who usually post non-interesting, non-related, non-english or seemingly spam or ad posts I want allow posting only the users who have, for instance, 50 points. How can I do this?

In this scenario, newbie users need to show a good performance replying geniue answers to the questions and get more pluses in order to earn 50 points and be eligible for posting.
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In Q2A there are questions, answers and comments. Posts is a general term to refer to any of them. When you talk about "replies" I think you mean "answers" and by "posts" I guess you mean "questions".

Anyway, in order to restrict adding posts by users with few points you have to navigate to admin/pemissions and change these settings:

  • Asking questions
  • Answering questions
  • Adding comments

If you select any option that has the "enough points" text you'll be prompted to input the minimum amount of points that are needed to perform the action.