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Why is there a "userid" and a redundant "handle" field in table qa_eventlog?

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asked Mar 4 in Plugins by q2apro
I just realized that we do not need the handle in qa_eventlog.

Especially when the handle (username) is changed be the user, all those saved handles are wrong!

Can somebody elaborate why this is done?

PS: I checked if there is any case where we have userid==NULL and handle NOT NULL, there is none in my production forum.
commented Mar 4 by Scott
I don’t know off hand but the handle field may be used for custom names of anonymous users.
commented Mar 5 by q2apro
I'd suggest to have NULL on the handle, since the handle could change, and only keep the userid. The handle can - as you say - be set in case it's an anonymous user stating his name (plus userid NULL, of course).

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