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Why accented character are changed in &xxxx like créer ==>créer in the Question part?

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asked Jul 7 in Q2A Core by Olivier

I have a strange thing in the Question area, accented character like "Créer" are change in their &xxx version.

And it is only in the Question area. In answers or comment, no problem.


Olivier Drubigny.
Q2A version: 1.8.0

1 Answer

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answered Jul 9 by Scott
As you can see it's not happening on this site when you posted the question. So it's difficult to say. Could be a plugin or theme that is double-encoding the title when outputting it. Have you tried removing all plugins and using a default theme?
commented Jul 9 by Odrubigny
I changed the browser I used. I have the problem with Chrome but not with Firefox.
commented Jul 9 by Odrubigny
I made a mistake, it is when I use wysiwyg-editor. It occurs on all posts (questions, answers and comments.
commented Jul 12 by Odrubigny
I don't know what has been changed but it is working now. Thanks for your help.