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If you ever wanted your site users to block annoying users on the site then this plugin will help that become a reality:


  1. Normal user can block an annoying user
  2. Admin can either block as admin (entire site) or a him/herself
  3. Blocked user can not view profile, wall or account of the person that blocked him/her
  4. Blocked user can not answer or comment on a post by the person that blocked him/her but can still view the posts
  5. Unblocking feature available

PRICE: $ 30

DETAILS: https://github.com/JacksiroKe/Q2A-Advanced-Blocker-Plugin

Q2A version: 1.6
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Create a video, show how it works. Correct the mistakes of your plugins, why are you fooling people? I won’t let you cheat, and believe me, I’m not the only one here. Do the work to the end, and don’t leave people!

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Does it work with version 1.8.3?

If so, I want it.

What is the current cost of the plugin?

Way to pay?
yeah it works and costs 30 $
ok i sent you an email
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I was provided with your plug-ins for testing, not one does not work properly, do not mislead people, or finish your work!

am sorry that no one has ever answered all your questions and you are now taking it on me to fight back. Please just be cool person to others by learning how things are done the proper way not this