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from some days some one trying to disable my google adsense account.the attacker click bombing on my ads.can anyone tell me how to prevent this? is there any plugin to prevent this? example:when a specific visitor click 2 or 3 times on ads. ads automatically disappear for this specific visitor. this types of many plugin available for wordpress but didnot find for q2a. can anyone develope this types of plugin? i will paid you

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Check his IP address from server log or user login and ban his IP for now.

I liked your suggestion of plugin, let me check that.
i already fill up the adsense invalid click form.but the attacker target my site.i dont know why. getting the attacker ip address is very difficult.and the attacker must be using proxy server.
please implement this feature when you will be free.i am waitting for it.
Do not put ads on the home page.
hello thom. can you tell me why?