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my page has been updated to version 1.8.3 and has many errors I CAN NOT INSTALL PLUGINS! any plugin that I try to install, uploading in the hosting DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE PAGE, IT DOES NOT GO PRO ADMINISTRATIVE PANEL! the problem is not compatibility, already tested with the plugins that were already installed,

the signature also does not work, does not show images and gifs
Q2A version: 1.8.3
This site is running 1.8.3 and I see no error. It does go to administrative panel, as well. Most likely you didn't do the upgrade properly. Recheck all the steps. Reupload all files.

Regarding the signature plugin, it is technically an issue of that specific plugin developer, not really related to the Q2A core. The Q2A core won't be updated to match the signature plugin but rather the latter should be updated to match the former.
It is just the default SnowFlat theme without any modification at all. Just make sure you replaced the files exactly as they are in the Q2A release

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