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Bug?There will be a scroll bar shown under the window screen every time I go another page.

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asked Jun 28, 2011 in Q2A Core by greg
edited Jun 28, 2011 by greg

Hi there

I think this is a bug.

When I go another page, the scrall bar is shown under the windows screen. It will dispare when I move it, though.

I screen-shot it so please check it out.

commented Jun 28, 2011 by Scott
Can you post a screenshot? It's difficult to know what the problem is.
commented Jun 28, 2011 by greg
I've edited and add the screen-shot on the question, so please check it out.

2 Answers

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answered Jun 28, 2011 by Scott
That is odd, it only seems to be in Firefox 5. Doesn't happen in IE or Chrome.

Not sure what the problem could be - it's obviously a bug with Firefox. You could try editing various CSS properties until one of them fixes the issue!
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answered Apr 6, 2012 by Ahmed Emad

iam fixed tis proplem

go to your css style and find: General page layout */


body {direction: rtl; background:#ffffff; margin:0; padding:0; text-align:center; overflow-x:hidden;}

put : overflow-x:hidden;

its done in IE and firefox and google

give me the best answers... bye