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I want to exchange these traditional platform icons / images with others of my choice. how to do this?????????

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These are not images

These icons are taken from the font "fontello" 

To change them you should go to the following path: /qa-theme/SnowFlat/qa-styles.php

and in this file you will search for every icon and change its code

for example "hot "section - you should find this code:

.qa-nav-main-hot .qa-nav-main-link:before {

content: '\e805';

when you change "e805" to "e806" for example you will see new icon appear in you website in hot section

you can find all  icons code to using it in your website in google 

and if you want add new icons from out fontello font you should replace the type of font and this difficult but i can help you ^_^

Thank you só much, I did it. Do you know how I can change the like and dislike icons? I have already changed the image in the theme folder, renamed correctly but does not change. Continues to default. I want to put little hands, look at facebook
I did not understand you well
Did you mean that you want to change the default voting buttons to buttons similar to Facebook?
By the same way you should replace the default images by your images and you should replace the height and width for new icon from style document .
please try doing that and if you have any problem just tell me.