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All Gold Developer themes are on discount until February 29, 2020. Leap Day
Grab your favorite theme today!

Shop 10 Days of Discount.

What's new for Gold Developer's 2020 schedule?

A new theme is being cooked called Royal Flush, and is expected to be a mix between Muffin theme and Frapuchino. with more compact lists and press-to-action components.

Frapuchino's Mobile theme (screenshots here) will become a theme of its own, called Mobile X and can be purchased separately in the future.

'Free' Gold Developer themes program?

Yes, the word 'free' is quoted for a reason. The idea is to create a funding program for theme development, such as a Patreon page. When the funding meets a budget goal, a new theme is developed and made free for everyone in the community to download.
If well supported, this could be about a theme per month.

This is still a concept idea and don't really know if people would join the cause. But let me know your thoughts and if I see enough people are interested and would be down for this, I'll go forward with this project.


Best offer!  Thanks for your effort for q2a.

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Only 3 more days, till' the end of 10 days of discount.
Grab your favorite theme today!

Shop 10 Days of Discount.

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak of the new theme I'm working on.
turn up the sound and feel the vibes :)


Any ETA when you will release the new one and what'll be the price?
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There's no estimated release date yet, but should be within this month.
The price should be around the same as Frapuchino theme right now. But a few price adjustments will be made overall.
@dzzjj The new theme, AVEN is now out.
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This is a great idea! I would donate for this