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I am making a new theme (screenshot below) and I was wondering how I could change the name from 'snowflat' to something else. 

Material design snowflat theme with on-site-notifications support

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change theme folder name.

in qa-styles.css change these fields if you want. all fields are optional.

     Theme URI: _Web address for your theme_
     Theme Version: _Your theme version number_
     Theme Date: _Build date of your theme in YYYY-MM-DD_
     Theme Author: _Human-readable name of theme author_
     Theme Author URI: _Web address for plugin author_
     Theme License: _Short name of plugin license, e.g. GPLv2/3_
     Theme Update Check URI: _Web address for Q2A to check for updates_
changing the folder name broke the theme and now it looks like the classic theme
in admin>general select your new theme for Site theme, Theme for mobiles.
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I changed the folder name, but it still says "snowflat" when I was selecting my site theme.