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I've tried it anyway. Password ok, email account ok, both ports 465 ssl and 587 tls. I've tried with diferents smtl mail services, gmail, yahoo, hotmail and nothing works and shows this error (photo of the error attached on the end of this question)

 The only smtp service works is the SMTP mail of my own hosting, the email that I creted on the hosting service, example noreply@myurlq2a.com, but it only sends emails to my email accounts created on the hosting, my adm account is registered into a email of my own domínio in my service hosting, there the emails arrives perfectly but it don't working for accouts registered on other services email like Gmail, yahoo, etc. I've tested in differents versions of q2a, I've tested on other q2a website with new database and it doesn't work either.

 I don't know what to do! I told my hosting service and them told me there's no blocking on their part I don't want to use email service other than smtp. It worked fine until a few weeks ago and I didn't make any changes, no plugins, nothing 

I find this a bit confusing. I gave you some advise 2 years ago here: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/75661 and you claimed it didn't work. But in your answer you said it worked fine until a few weeks ago. I can't help noticing a pattern in this new question.

What have you changed since you confirmed my suggestion didn't work that actually made it work later (until a few weeks ago)?
I changed hosting and it works fine since last year, I'm still on the same hosting that worked fine, but now it stopped working. They changed my server 2 weeks ago, at first I had this same problem, but it came back 1 day later. And after a few more days it stopped working completely again. It's certainly something in the hosting itself, but they don't find the problem.
Unfortunately there is not that much information about your Q2A config or your provider in your question. However, since you said that mails to your own domain (hosted by the same provider it seems) arrive fine, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that your provider filters outbound e-mail (maybe started to do so recently). That'd mean you'll have to relay outgoing mail through their mail server.

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