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Wall for jatin.soni

hi jatin, could you please suggest some good option in dis question
Mar 18, 2014 by Nysa
That is usual behavior of the browser. When you hit F5 to refresh it will resubmit the form. To avoid just redirect or reload the page.
Feb 25, 2014 by jatin.soni
Feb 24, 2014 by lyxhaven

I don't thinks so it is a Q2A script issue but something different.. I have reply your PM please check.
Jan 11, 2014 by jatin.soni
hi Jatin! Any idea on how to resolve my problem? Or maybe  I must to look after another q&A script, because i really dont get why is not working... And i spent enough time. I dont get it why on another hosting server is working...
Jan 11, 2014 by blue_hurt
hi , Jatin Soni

sorry if i annoyed u :)

Please read my comment here :)

Dec 26, 2013 by belmazika
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Nov 23, 2013 by joyoneil
I want to change the default homepage of mysite to the activity page so that whenever someone types www.biarusi.com he/she is redirected to the www.biarusi.com/activity. How can that be achieved?
Oct 29, 2013 by JacksiroKe
No problem Rahul, we can continue today.. I will be online after 2 hours...around 12:00 IST
Oct 2, 2013 by jatin.soni
jatin, sorry yesterday our conversation was not complete. due to network failure I was not able to connect to u
Oct 1, 2013 by rahularyan.com

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