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Wall for jatin.soni

Sent you in PM
Aug 31, 2013 by jatin.soni
can i have your email id ??
Aug 31, 2013 by morwal89
Yes, that's right. Also Wall Page ( entire section )
Jul 16, 2013 by jatin.soni
So we loose this feature if we integrate WordPress... Understood.
Jul 16, 2013 by Eduardo Alcântara
Did you get my PM? I have already sent you a week ago or so.. or may be you missed it??
Apr 16, 2013 by jatin.soni
Hello I have sent you a private message a week ago with no response. I can access my account on Q2A Market I have brought products from there but my account is not accessible since your upgrade.
Apr 5, 2013 by VdoubleE

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