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Can I send an email to a specific email when a new question is posted, apart from an email address for admin messages?

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asked Mar 3, 2017 in Q2A Core by mshah
edited Mar 3, 2017 by mshah
Currently I have got a good user base. I do not have category set. I am looking for a code where I can trigger an email when a new question is posted.

Mote details:

Currently only the email which is set up as an email address for admin messages will receive an email when a new question is posted. I have created a mailing list handled by different provider. All I have to do is, whenever a new question is posted (I do not care what category or tag it is), send it to the provider. Provider will take care of distributing it to the mailing list.

What code should I trigger?

Hope I am clear.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

1 Answer

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answered Mar 3, 2017 by pupi1985

As I mentioned in an answer to a very similar question some days ago, you could simply create a plugin with an event module, listen (in your case) just to the q_post event and send the email to whomever you consider appropriate.

commented Aug 4 by mshah
thank you :) that was really helpful.
commented Aug 4 by pupi1985
No need to say thanks. That's what accepting answers is there for :)