Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for Q&A sites.

What is a Question and Answer site?

A Q&A site helps your online community to share knowledge. People with questions get the answers they need. The community is enriched by commenting, voting, notifications, points and rankings.

Why offer Q&A on my site?

Your members will enjoy the interaction that Q&A enables, and will visit your site more regularly. In addition, many web searches are questions, so Q&A content will attract search engine traffic.

What is Question2Answer?

Question2Answer (Q2A) is a popular open source Q&A platform for PHP/MySQL, currently running on 22,771 sites in 40 languages.

How do I get Q2A?

Download Question2Answer 1.8.1, then read how to install. Version 1.8.1 was released on December 1st, 2018. Also on GitHub.

What does Q2A need?

  • PHP 5.2 or later, with the MySQLi extension.
  • MySQL 4.1 or later, MySQL 5.x for best performance.

What's the license?

Question2Answer is open source, licensed under GPL v2+.

How can I help?

Contribute via Github or create a theme, plugin or translation.

Easy to set up

  • Q2A takes 5 minutes (or less!) to install.
  • Easy styling with CSS themes.
  • Supports translation into any language.
  • Custom sidebar, widgets, pages and links.
  • SEO features such as XML Sitemap and neat URLs.

Fast and secure

  • PHP/MySQL scalable to millions of users and posts.
  • Safe from XSS, CSRF and SQL injection attacks.
  • Beat spam with captchas, moderation and/or flagging.

Core Q&A features

  • Fast integrated search engine.
  • Categories (up to 4 levels deep) and/or tagging.
  • Voting, comments, follow-on and closed questions.
  • Points-based reputation management.
  • RSS, email notifications and personal news feeds.

Built-in user account management...

  • Create experts, editors, moderators and admins.
  • User avatars (or Gravatar) and custom fields.
  • Private messages and public wall posts.
  • Log in via Facebook or others (using plugins).

...or integrate with existing sites