Requests on your site from the Question2Answer Bot

The Question2Answer Bot is an automated process which crawls installations of Question2Answer. Its purpose is to keep track of how many sites have installed Q2A, some information about those installations (such as the language), and their level of user activity.

The Q2A Bot discovers your Question2Answer site in one of three ways:

  • One of your Q2A pages appears as the referer for a request to the Question2Answer website.
  • One of your Q2A pages appears in a search engine listing for the phrase "Powered by Question2Answer".
  • You submit the URL of your Q2A site here:

Once your site has been discovered, the Question2Answer Bot may visit up to once per day. During that visit, it may request up to 20 pages from your site. These pages will be requested one at a time, so your server should not feel any unusual load.

Q2A sites tracked by the bot with more than 10000 questions may also appear in the list of sites, subject to confirmation that their content is genuine and not spam. Sites attempting to manipulate their listing will be permanently removed.

If you would like to prevent the Question2Answer Bot from crawling your Q2A installation, you may use a robots.txt file. You can use the name Q2ABot to refer to the Question2Answer Bot in a User-agent line.