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Time for a new, leight-weight WYSIWYG-Editor? HTML5? What do you think?

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asked Oct 14, 2013 in Plugins by q2apro
edited May 23, 2016 by q2apro

I don't know but seeing CKeditor.js being loaded with 366KB (and I don't use 90% of the buttons), makes me really think! Isn't it time to get a better, lighter editor? Who needs all the buttons? Different font, size, background-color for text etc.?

I know that you can take off those buttons with the config.js of ckeditor, however, it still loads the entire ckeditor.js file. Version CKE 4.2 is still 326 KB.

Suggesting Alternatives:

http://xing.github.io/wysihtml5/ → degrades for old browser, but seem many files

bootstrap-wysihtml5 - depends on bootstrap.js

http://www.tinymce.com/ → tinymce.min.js is 269 KB, would save at least a bit.

... ?

I know about markdown editor, but the average user ("normal" people) might not understand how it works. Clicking on bold should make the word bold...

What are your ideas, your suggestions, your solutions?



Update: I have released SCeditor as a freemium plugin. It is small and awesome and full of features, check it out: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/sceditor


Q2A version: 1.6.2
commented Mar 4, 2014 by brinch
Is this plugin "compatible" with Question2Answer "out-of-the-box", or will I need to change it?
commented Jul 13, 2014 by q2apro
edited May 23, 2016 by q2apro

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answered Oct 14, 2013 by ac
edited Oct 14, 2013 by ac

Some thing like Quora would be good. But the current WYSWYG and CK editor are really good. I don't find any problems with them. Just the UI may need to get a bit polished. Which I guess we can do ourselves. Lightweight, yes I would like to see a really lightweight editor.

Edit: I just checked and reviewed http://xing.github.io/wysihtml5/  and I think it is very good. Anyway to get it integrated in Q2A?

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answered May 22, 2016 by donshakespeare
Just in time - a lightweight, most powerful editor in the house. And its integration with Q2A is simply superb!