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[Theme] CleanStrap - Responsive and Advanced Question2Answer Theme

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asked Mar 13, 2014 in Themes by rahularyan.com
edited Mar 14, 2014 by rahularyan.com


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BIg Image: http://i62.tinypic.com/zxo0a8.jpg


Best Question2Answer Theme
and the last theme you will ever need to buy. all because of time, effort and love we put into creating this theme. with it’s cutting edge Q2A development and new features such as featured images and questions, slider, 15+ built in widgets, fast caching and performance optimization it will be the theme your Q&A community deserves.

Responsive layout
Theme’s layout will adapt to screen size of visitor’s device, creating best user experience anywhere on any mobile, tablet, or monitor.

Fully Customizable
Create your unique homepage and add any widget to any page with easy drag and drop widget system and lot’s of built-in widgets.

Powerful Admin Panel
With CleanStrap's Option Panel you can take control of every aspect of your your site. you can easily change most fundamental aspects of your site with a few clicks.

Design & User Experience
CleanStrap is very intuitive to use. it is easy to understand, so with improving user experience it’ll increase your registration rate and user engagement.

Full Documentation
Theme is documented extensively to help super users and developers in process of installing, customizing and running your site.

Multi-language support
Easily translate theme into your own language, based on q2a language system.

Choose between over 600 Google Fonts for headings, body, navigation links, post content and links. with this theme we made sure level of control over your site’s type was unparalleled.

Easy Styling
with Custom Backgrounds and easy color picker for every important element of your theme you can change the whole atmosphere of your theme with a few clicks.

Featured Images and Thumbnails
With easy file upload and dynamic image resizing you can easily add featured images to your questions and they will show as a part of your theme layout and slider.

Clean Code
Clean source code with no encoded script ensures that your theme will provide you with the best possible experience you could hope while customizing and extending your site.

Build by top Experts
CleanStrap is built and supported by two top Question2Answer developers and designers. Rahul Aryan and Towhid(QA-Themes.com) worked hard to create an unparalleled experience for you.

Extensive Support
you are not alone! We take pride in standing by our customers and helping them in anyway possible. you can contact our dedicated support staff or developers and get help with email or chat.

Life Time Updates and New Features
We are going to keep extending this theme and adding new features to it. we get feedback from our users and use them to improve our products all the time.


Q2A version: latest
commented Aug 4, 2014 by zero2hero
wow :D it seems that you're very angry
commented Aug 5, 2014 by bronzemoontr
yes because this person never appear here unless you talk about MONEY

2 Answers

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answered Jun 28, 2014 by bronzemoontr
reshown Aug 4, 2014 by bronzemoontr
your support is very bad,you dont understand new people,you think everyone is webmaster,all you help me max 5 sentance and i asked you question,you removed me from skype.This means,any who is new to q2a shouldnt buy your product because,i am having  after sale probem with yuo.Your theme never work on my sever anymore an you never reply....thats fine.
commented Aug 3, 2014 by Ami
@Tilt , That I agree bro . I know that you paid for the theme hence you completely deserve a bug free version and support till it works as expected . If something going wrong and not working , it is the developers responsibility to fix it .
But money is NOT everything . I have developed many q2a free plugins . And I have received so many requests from q2a users those who can not configure it for them on their site . I have spent lots of times in configuring and fixing the issues on their site . I neither asked nor got a penny from them . What you will say about this . Some nice words and few mails would get the work done . No need of so many spams here to be posted . Which is too bad .

And also see the thread , @Towhid and @sama55 came out of the crowd to help him (NOTE : they did not asked for money ) . What he is doing is only giving same long long ,meaning less ,imotional words . Thats why they also stopped helping him .

NB : I would like to say sorry if my words hurts you . These words only for @bronzemoontr .
commented Aug 3, 2014 by bronzemoontr
reshown Aug 4, 2014 by bronzemoontr
No man why your words hurt me ? by typing this commends here,go check other people commend too....Remember of course we dont buy people but people must give support right when you purchase the item???? is it not like that ? then why everybody gives support on codecanyon ? themeforest?  i did not ask special installation from this person....he may work hard,but we also work hard for our money.....the question is, you did not see the case with your eyes,you did not see my skype chat with him how rude he was,he is a rude and unethical  person... he may be your friend but the reality is this: you can not block your customer all because he asked 3 4 question.....is there something like that ??? the other things is he lied to me on skype,that he is not giving skype support anymore....1st day yes 2th day no.....people must stop games ok....normaly my question was simple questions,how we can change the logo etc.....as there is no good documentations for this theme.....on db there were 6 link or so needed to be changed and more fixing......if you are selling something,sell it complate then,dont trouble people and when they ask you something,dont escape... thats what he done....one other thing a real strategy: people sell buggy scripts in order to earn more....this is the strategy of seller.... no more words to you amiyasahu.....probably you are his friend and he made a free installation to you too....
one other thing: i try to contact 100 time to this person HE HAVE NEVER RESPONDED...HE HIDE HIM SELF.... LET MY MONEY LOST BUT LET PEOPLE SEE THIS REALITY....
–4 votes
answered Aug 2, 2014 by cheettopuffs

Rahul was EXTREMELY helpful in helping directly install this theme for me. He spent over an hour fixing my website's directory, creating a MsQl database for me, installing Q2A and  installing this gorgeous theme. I would of spent countless hours trying to fix this on my own but he was swift and made sure to ask for my approval in everything that he modofiied on my behalf. He answered all of my questions and saved me a TON of time. I paid for this theme and this is my honest review. Feel free to send me a message and ask me about my experience. 

Thanks Rahul! :) 

commented Aug 7, 2014 by cheettopuffs
What? Hard to believe that there's one happy customer? Don't believe me? Check out my website with the theme I bought. You will find the link on my profile.
commented Aug 7, 2014 by bronzemoontr
Yes there is because this seller never try to contacted,its so sad and also there is many people mail me,how unhappy they are too.....we are humen,not a spammer and no one come out and wanted to help....this is not fair......