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Upload Images to folder on Server Form Plugin [FREE]

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asked Mar 19 in Plugins by bluegenel
Allows users to upload their images to the web server.

Q2A version: 1.7.3
commented Mar 22 by Dr-Hack
upload images as in a image gallery for Users ?
commented Mar 22 by bluegenel
No. The reason behind this plugin is to give you the option of saving users avatars in the database and uploaded images to a folder on the server. By default you have to save both avatars and uploaded images to the database or a folder on the server. You can't do both.

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answered Mar 19 by MONKEY
edited Mar 19 by MONKEY
Very good tool.
Do you think you can do it by user profile?
As each user changes his avatar and would be a good photographic record

I run the test in agora.oo.gd

Thank you for your contribution
commented Mar 19 by bluegenel
I've updated the code in Github.
commented Mar 19 by MONKEY
Awesome you got it

Thanks for your contribution is excellent.


You think that the profile images can accept the code so that they are gif or movement. This would make a change in trend by observing the profile image of a user as it would be animated
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answered Mar 20 by q2a.info
Nice plugin, but hope users will not take advantage and upload any stuff on site.
commented Mar 20 by MONKEY
Works and has privacy
commented Mar 20 by q2a.info
Good! You are developing small and very useful plugins. Keep up good work!