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Lets Keep The Q2A Alive | Suggestions | Improvements

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asked May 2, 2017 in Q2A Core by UI-UX-DESIGNER
retagged May 2, 2017 by UI-UX-DESIGNER

Hi Q2A community :)

After working with this platform the last months i need to express my opinion and my thoughts about Q2A.

The reason that this project is dying as many people discussing here is that Q2A really lacks of some modern functions. This is how a modern forum must work:

1. After succesfull User Registration force the user to Follow/Favorite at least 5 tags.

2. Display Activity (Questions/Answers) at the home page based on the tags the user favorited.

3. A better Multi-search autocomplete field that will search for Questions, Users and Tags. Like this one here: http://easyautocomplete.com/examples.

4. A better Notification and Messaging System. I think that you already built a plugin for that in the past.

5. Following Users and Be Followed By Other Users. This Can be easily done by modificate the existing "Favorite User Function". I already did that with success and now i m displaying Different Pages for Favorited Questions, Favorited Tags and Users as well.

6. A new Fresh and Modern Profile Page. I also built that for my website.

7. And at the end a very Good Function That will keep the users visiting again and again the site is a fucntion that will allow the user to be informed (Email or/and Onsite Notification) when a question is posted under a tag that this user already Followed.

Example: I as user "xxxxx" make a question tagged with the tag: #Sience and you are already favorited this tag. Then the system will send you a notification to you that the user
"xxxxx"  posted a question under tag #Sience so you will be able to answer at the questions/Topics you are interesting for.

8. A good working User Mention System that works out of the box with autocomplete ajax search.

9. A new Fresh Theme that will make the difference. ( i 'm also working now on that ;) ).

I am pretty sure that if we pay attention to those features then the Q2A Platform will become unbeatable ;)

I am here to help/contribute on anything has to do with User Interface and Design and more. Lets do our best for this platform because it deserves the best. Lets keep the project Alive. All together ( Developers and Designers) we can Transform this project into a gem !!!

Waiting for your thoughts and if you really love this platform as i do don't forget to upvote my post.


Q2A version: 1.7.4
commented May 13, 2017 by UI-UX-DESIGNER
@delstone i sent you PM. Please check. Thanx
commented May 13, 2017 by UI-UX-DESIGNER
@ProThoughts ofcourse i will. Trying to complete my new Theme for Q2A ;)

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answered May 2, 2017 by Piotr Baranowski
hello, I have also site on q2a and I'm think it's absolutely great script with all what I need. Of course, it's necessary to develope new plugins. Can I check Your site? Maybe I will interested to buy something for my site :-)

Later I will write something more depends on Your ideas.

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answered May 7, 2017 by ProThoughts

I liked all your suggestions, and agree with @Jonatan's comments. since you opened this topic, will post features I feel are important. I can provide same list when scott start taking new requests for next version of q2a.

  1. hidden category. Only allowed people should be able to access this. may be like expert and above should discuss some strategies for qa. etc or ability to add selected users
  2. Custom user title. admin should be able to give custom user title, like developer, testing expert etc or teacher, math expert, science expert etc.
  3. Poll plugin
  4. Survey plugin
  5. badges plugin
  6. quiz plugin (this will help for user engagement)
  7. Redesign user profile page.may be like quora or stackoverflow
  8. FAQ tab, mark some questions as faq then show those in faq tab.
  9. Warn before posting if user post contains restricted words, admin should be able to add restricted words in a list.
  10. Forms plugin, check https://ninjaforms.com/, you can add subscribe by email form, show message form, contact form etc you can add more forms later.
  11. blog plugin, give user point if they post something interesting..... for every post like you can give user one point.
  12. find duplicate posts, admin feature
  13. Accept users only based on invitations from other users of qa. admin can open qa registration for some time then restrict.
  14. redesign wall, show twitter kind of messages.
  15. social share question.
  16. User @ mention like twitter.
  17. New Theme: we seriously need to develop new theme for q2a. Look at other platforms, they are much better.
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answered May 15, 2017 by halfstone

I think a better integration into wordpress themes will help to get more interest into question2answer.

There are thousands of new features we can request but I think the autor has also other things to do so time is the problem?

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answered May 20, 2017 by UI-UX-DESIGNER
My new theme is 70% completed. Last weeks i spent lot of hours to make a good progress. Coming soon ;)
commented May 20, 2017 by Gurjyot Singh
can you add few screenshots so that we can add a few suggestions and feedbacks. I know that it's not complete yet but, it'll give your theme a lot more hype... ;)