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is there anything for MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ?

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asked Jul 28, 2017 in Q2A Core by anonymous
is there anything for MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ?

3 Answers

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answered Jul 28, 2017 by ProThoughts
No, there is no quiz plugin......I mean which can works independently ......but

here is one q2a quiz plugin but this one convert entire site into quiz mode....

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answered Jul 29, 2017 by Piotr Baranowski
Still no... I'm waiting for something new for q2a as quiz/trivia , with multiple choice, one choice, points for each question and text questions. I will buy it immediately after release !
commented Jul 29, 2017 by Shrisun
Do you need quiz which takes questions from q2a or questions which can be manually put?
commented Aug 1, 2017 by Piotr Baranowski
Hello ! Manually put, or questions from q2a but NOT from standard list, but from other "type" :) But I need to offer more questions in one "quiz post" on site, if you know what I mean :)

U want to make something like this? :)
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answered Nov 5, 2017 by Shrisun
Comment for the quiz system

It has:-
Multiple Choice Questions
True or False

And work in progress for Fill in the blanks.

But the script does not take any questions from the q2a for now!