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How to make a 301 instead of a 302 redirect?

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asked Jan 11 in Q2A Core by bobptz
edited Jan 13 by bobptz
I am using this plugin ( https://github.com/stefkiourk/Question2Answer-greeklish-URLs ) and it redirects with a 302 from this url:


to this url:


Is there a way to make this a 301 redirect, instead of a 302?  What file do I need to change?

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answered Jan 14 by Scott
When I tried it I get a 301 redirect. The plugin itself does not do any redirect, it just gives a new URL and that is handled by Q2A, which does 301 redirects.
commented Jan 27 by bobptz
Hi, I just tried it.  It gives 302 for my browser:  https://image.ibb.co/eVW21w/302.png