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Wordpress Integration Login Registration Issue

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asked Apr 10 in Q2A Core by Anup

I had integrated Q2A with Wordpress . Now , i dont want to use external Login/Registration facility for Q2A i.e i want inbuilt form.
When i click on login/Registration it redirect me to wordpress login form . I dont want it , i want to move to by-default Q2A login and register page . Is it Possible ?
Note : I want this because while integration with Wordpress, Profile section of user is not shown properly.
Q2A version: Latest

2 Answers

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answered Jun 18 by jaimalviya
same issue any help ?
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answered Jun 20 by Maik2
I think it's possible, but I do not remember now where is that file, I think there is something in the documents about how Q2 handles the user profile, starts there