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Wiki Plugin has 500 error - anyone interested in a fix for it?

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asked Jul 11 in Plugins by retronoodle
Theres a 500 error on this and it looks like its due to an "out of memory" issue. I might see if I can figure this out. Is the Noah guy gone?
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1 Answer

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answered Jul 13 by questfor

Hi retronoodle, can you please create a php file with the following content, save it as phpinfo.php and upload it to your server root folder?


Then, please open yourwebsite.com/phpinfo.php and check the value of memory_limit. In most cases the recommended setting is at least 128MB so let's see what do you have.

After checking it remember to delete your phpinfo.php file.

commented Jul 13 by retronoodle
Hi I did try the memory limit thing and actually resolved the error, but then there was the mysql_query stuff that's deprecated in my version of PHP so its sounding like it's going to be a battle - does anyone plan on updating this plugin any time soon? I feel like it's such a good match for a QA script to also have a wiki.