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when is 1.8.1 is coming ? what are the improvements ?

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asked Oct 9 in Q2A Core by Zeeshan
Q2A version: 1.8

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answered Oct 11 by pupi1985
selected Oct 12 by Zeeshan
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Just take a look at the bugfix branch in order to see all the changes so far. Among others, you can see:

  • Upgrade CKEditor to 4.10.0
  • Fixes to the count notices when using PHP 7.2
  • Fix anonymous user images not being displayed
  • Fix to a content encoding error when using PHP 5.3
  • Change how PHPMailer classes are loaded
  • Update hidden HTML to avoid its detection as malware
  • Fix missing email confirmation link in user account

There are also some pull requests created for the bugfix branch, but I can't confirm they will be merged or not. Those are here.

Regarding the date, it is not defined at the moment.

commented 4 days ago by q2apro
"Update hidden HTML to avoid its detection as malware" - Can you elaborate on that?
commented 4 days ago by pupi1985