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link reel http to https Help me ?

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asked Oct 15 in Q2A Core by ismailusagim
edited Oct 18 by ismailusagim

link reel: Must be https for google. how can I do it ------ http to https 


Q2A version: 1.8
commented Oct 16 by Donutlover
But now your site is working fine with ssl!

1 Answer

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answered Oct 15 by esqeudero
selected Oct 17 by ismailusagim
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go to admin/general. 

find "Preferred site URL:"

type your url with https://

commented Oct 15 by ismailusagim
there is no such thing? where? pls...send pic?
commented 3 days ago by danbulant
When you go to administration panel, the page that appears is general. Find preffered site URL and edit that.