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[PREMIUM PLUGIN] PM Plus (re-structured pm system + block/unblock pm feature)

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asked Oct 18 in Plugins by esqeudero
edited Oct 18 by esqeudero

Dear community, 

After spending plenty hours on coding, finally I have developed a brand-new plugin for sale. 

Plugin name: PM Plus

Price: 65 USD

How to buy: PM me please

What it does:

  • Re-Structure private messages (PM) style like facebook message conversation (better messaging system at http://www.question2answer.org/qa/67577/better-private-message-system is totally pluginarized here) (No need any core hacks with this plugin)
  • Adds blocking/unblocking users from sending PM
  • Adds "Users Who Blocked Me" page
  • Adds quick PM button on each post (question, answer, comment, reply). When clicked to quick PM button then pop up will appear where post-id will be already written. It is good as it will show to what post the message is related.


For USER-LEVEL demo:  https://www.e-dostluk.com/q2a-demo/  

user: deneme_11  
pass: test1234

user: test9  
pass: test1234

Q2A version: q2a 1.7.5
commented Oct 19 by Donutlover
edited Oct 19 by Donutlover
+1 good attempt...

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