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Question2Answer fatal error: Could not send email confirmation [Please fix this problem]

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asked Oct 24 in Q2A Core by vishaljaiswal

Question2Answer fatal error:

Could not send email confirmation

Stack trace:

require() in index.php:29
require() in qa-index.php:189
qa_get_request_content() in qa-page.php:47
require() in page.php:183
qa_send_new_confirm() in confirm.php:62

Please help me to fix this problem.

commented Oct 24 by pupi1985
What does the server log say about that error?

1 Answer

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answered Oct 25 by vishaljaiswal
edited 14 hours ago by vishaljaiswal
Best answer

This problem is fixed.

Click here to watch YouTube video to fix Fix Fatal Error Problem.

Just go to your cPanel and click on Registered Mail IDs.

After that create a mail ID.

like no-reply@yourdomain.com.

Please note that:

  • Add all the email IDs which you want to use as from address in emails sent through scripts
  • ID will reflect in examine after 30 minutes
  • These ID are for scripted mails only, your current email box ID need not be entered here, if you want to use your current mail box ID from the script then you will need to register here.