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MathJax and Code Pretiffy - Simple Solution [Free Plugin]

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asked Aug 22, 2016 in Plugins by arjunsuresh
edited Aug 23, 2016 by arjunsuresh

This plugin configures MathJax and Google Code Pretiffy URLs and enables them by default on Question Pages. There is also a widget which you can add on Page bottom of any other page- like Question List- if you want MathJax to be used there.


The above plugin is only one part as we also need editor support for it. You can just download and use the ckeditor which I have configured for both. Also, do copy the qa-question.js and replace the one in qa-include - this is the only core hack but can't be avoided as of now if you want to render mathjax immediately upon submit of a comment or answer or when the expand All comments button is clicked.

The "fx" button in ckeditor is for Latex and while typing equations are replaced with $-$ and on submit rendered by MathJax without any conversion to image.


Q2A version: 1.7.4
commented Mar 22 by arjunsuresh
No, that does not need an update
commented Mar 22 by ProThoughts
Ok, thank you!

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answered Aug 23, 2016 by Okay Okayev
edited Oct 1, 2016 by Okay Okayev
this screenshot active?
commented Aug 23, 2016 by arjunsuresh
added now :)
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answered Mar 22 by ProThoughts

Hi arjunsuresh,

I installed this plugin on below site but do see below issues.

1. Replaced ckeditor folder from qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor/ with https://github.com/arjunsuresh/ckeditor-Q2A

2. Moved tobecopied/qa-question.js to qa-content/ dir

3. Added plugin https://github.com/arjunsuresh/mathjax in qa-plugin dir

4. enabled both plugin. also enabled all options on mathjax plugin

Above steps are done on site https://demo.question2answer.info

I see below two buttons, source is not showing any window to add code and there is no icon for video option next to it.

Could you please help on this. thanks

commented Mar 24 by arjunsuresh
Yes, that is how the Source button in ckeditor works rt? This editor now has Auto Save plugin of ckeditor - quite useful when users are typing in large content.
commented Mar 24 by ProThoughts
great! thanks again.
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answered Aug 12 by rishav kumar singh

Follow all steps written by ProThoughts still getting trouble then Just change Folder name from "ckeditor-Q2A-master" to "ckeditor". It will work.