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Unable to copy Google Analytics code

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asked 6 days ago in Q2A Core by Burkay Kuru
I have  posted a question like this before but I couldnt get any answers.

When I try to copy Google Analytics code, error 403 pops up. <script> code brings about the error, actually. Whenever I delete that part, its ok, yet when I add <script> 403 occurs.

I dont know what to do.
commented 9 hours ago by pupi1985
Exactly WHAT are you pasting and exactly WHERE are you pasting it?
commented 8 hours ago by Burkay Kuru

the section is called Custom HTML at bottom of every page in English. When I try to save this the error pops up. If I delete the <script> parts, no error show up. However, the code won't work that way.

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