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[NEW PLUGIN] - Facebook Inviter

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asked Sep 7 in Plugins by esqeudero
edited Sep 8 by esqeudero

Dear friends,

I designed a new basic plugin for my website. I want to share it with you. You can use it in your q2a website as side widget.

  • Plugin Name: FB inviter
  • What it does? It connects to your facebook and sends invitation to  facebook friends.asking to join to your q2a website. It allows multi-selection from your facebook friend list.
  • Admin Options: Widget block content texts are fully customizable at admin/plugin options.
  • Tested on 1.7.4
  • Requirements: You need to create an app at www.developer.facebook.com, catergory of that app should be "Games",

DOWNLOAD: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=29169381138850842933

GITHUB: https://github.com/ihlassovbetov/q2a-fbinviter

Q2A version: 1.7.4 fairly modified and customized
commented Sep 8 by zerg
edited Sep 8 by zerg
nice , but not working notification on facebook ..  i create fb app for games but everytime i have error ... update this.
commented Oct 20 by Yogendra Basnet
Nice plugin Thankyou.

3 Answers

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answered Sep 7 by link2admission
Not downloading
commented Sep 7 by esqeudero
what error you are receiving ? I checked right now, download is working.
commented Sep 7 by link2admission
The downloading site has a popup
commented Sep 7 by esqeudero
alternative link: https://files.fm/u/hcrss555
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answered Sep 7 by ProThoughts
Thanks for the plugin, it will be helpful. It will be better if you upload code on Github.
commented Sep 17 by esqeudero
@zerg, this happens after facebook update on policies. Basically, they restricted apprequest, so they wont allow invite external website requests in facebook.  I updated the plugin in github, re-download I re-try it. Now, I use send dialog method rather apprequest method. New method directly sends message to users instead of notification.
commented Sep 17 by zerg
edited Sep 19 by zerg
thanks for update, can you create a new plugin for language changer by visitors? based by ip(anonymous)  and registred users can change  website language interface ?
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answered Oct 20 by Yogendra Basnet
Nice plugin. How to give it a professional look by using css codes? For example adding background colour, borders,etc.