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Issues while upgrading to 1.8.0beta 1

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asked Nov 10 in Q2A Core by Aras Ahmed
retagged Nov 10 by Aras Ahmed
I faced the following error while tried to upgrade


how to resolve  it ?
commented 5 days ago by Aras Ahmed
this is the language file
Please check it
commented 4 days ago by Aras Ahmed
The language file is the same Q2A Arabic language file

2 Answers

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answered 1 hour ago by pupi1985
selected 51 minutes ago by Aras Ahmed
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Error says "Missing 1 in language string". Have you tried adding 1 in language string?

I don't know Arabic, but something like this is what Q2A expects, according to the error:

'1_answer_title' => '1 إجابة واحدة',

Make sure you use numbers from 0-9, as in the rest of Q2A.

commented 51 minutes ago by Aras Ahmed
WOW! you are awesome :)
Thank you very much sir
the issue resolved just by adding 1
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answered 14 hours ago by Aras Ahmed
I exported the database and removed the website files&database completely

then I installed V1.8 again then imported the database the problem still exist