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Error 1146: Table 'cwqadb.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: SELECT title, content FROM qa_options

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asked Apr 4 in Q2A Core by Gautam Jain
I downloaded 1.8.0 fresh yesterday, uploaded to a new folder on our website. Associated with a blank mysql database. I am getting the error:

error 1146: Table 'cwqadb.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: SELECT title, content FROM qa_options

Please help.

Actually, I have been using 1.7.0. I followed the upgrade instructions to upgrade to 1.8.0. But I am getting blank screen. So I tried fresh installation in new folder with new db as described above.

Please help.
Q2A version: 1.8.0
commented Apr 14 by Scott
Is this a plain Q2A installation or one with Wordpress or SSO integration? Where did you download the zip file from (Q2A website or Github)? What PHP version?
commented May 7 by Gautam Jain
It is plain installation. Downloaded from Q2A website. PHP version is 5.2. Have tried 5.4 also. Same results. Note that this is IIS server.

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answered May 7 by Gautam Jain
edited May 8 by Gautam Jain

Problem solved after several days!

I had configured FastCGI application on my IIS server to run PHP. So it was not working.

I switched to ISAPI Extension PHP version 5.2.17 and it started working.

The funny part is I already had QA website running successfully on FastCGI.

Setting up a new QA website on new database doesn't work on FastCGI. So switched to ISAPI Extension.

Update: The database (tables) was created after switching to ISAPI. But then installation showed blank page when creating Super Administrator. So I again switched back to FastCGI. This time it succeeded. 

Summary: On IIS we need to switch to ISAPI to create tables and switch back to FastCGI to proceed further with whole setup.

commented May 9 by Scott
To me that sounds like it could be a problem with the PHP extensions installed on each of the PHP versions. Make sure you have the mysqli extension installed and working correctly.
commented Jun 20 by brechtl
Hi, how did you do that with the ISAPI extension? I have a W10 machine with IIS and PHP 7.
The DB is also blank and I get the error: MySQL query error 1146: Table 'q2a.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: SELECT title, content FROM qa_options
commented Jun 23 by Gautam Jain
Well. I directly configured it using Plesk admin UI that my host provides. I am using shared hosting. Not sure how to do it directly from IIS.