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I want to buy Q2A-Blog-Post-Plugin-master paid version. Where can it buy?

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asked Jun 16 in Plugins by Back Bencher
I have uploaded Q2A-Blog-Post-Plugin-master plugin. But, I have face to many problem. such as... "invalid category", "private message page hide user profile page", "block & special user hide on users page"

I have know this has paid version.
So, I want to buy this plugin.

Plz, anyone tell me how can get it?

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answered Sep 8 by Ami

You can see the details in this post .

Download Now from Store

Or you can see in Demo

commented Sep 12 by johny
hey ... i can send you the theme or add you to my repo ... if you can customize it ...
commented Sep 13 by Ami
Hey, Sorry. The plugin comes as it is not bundled with customization services.  It would be a paid support. Because It will be extra work which not useful for more users.