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Why are images stored in blob, not in the file system?

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asked Nov 6 in Q2A Core by anonymous
It works slower. Nginx faster, gives statics than working on a php script + the query to the database. Photo profiles, pictures in questions and answers, if the user base 100.000 + 1.000.000 with photos - it will be a heavy load on the cpu/web server/database server?
Q2A version: 1.8
commented 2 days ago by Putin
I repeat, most sites questions and answers to hide the avatar is not necessary! Why upload an avatar to the Internet to hide it later? For what?
commented 2 days ago by pedjas
Answer is quite simple: access control.
If something is there it does not mean everyone should see it.

For example, you provided your email address to this site, but I cannot see it. Admin can.

On sites I admin, users do upload avatars but they do not want neither avatars nor their names to to be visible to ANONYMOUS visitors of the site. They want that level of privacy.

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answered Nov 7 by arjunsuresh
Every static request is a request to the script and (filesystem | database) -- second can be configured.
commented Nov 7 by Putin
Do you know how to do what I need?

Home page https://gateoverflow.in/ has
276 requests (Vancouver, Canada)  :) 17,3 sec and page size 4.9 MB.
216 Requests Washington DC, Load time 4.73 s
230 Requests Australia Sydney, Load time 13.74 s
218 Requests from London, Load time 6.51 s

And this is with more than 20K visitors per day!
You don't like your users?
Have you heard anything about website optimization? :) If not, ask me how :)
commented Nov 8 by Gateoverflow
@Putin , what about https://gateoverflow.net/ :)
commented Nov 8 by Putin
this is small site on bluehost