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New Plugin "Pick Answers"

Through this Plugin, the answers are controlled and only the most accurate answers are awarded points.

The main options in this plugin

1- Only two answers are allowed (or one according to your choice). If the two answers get a negative evaluation, the third answer will be allowed to be added, and so on...

2- Allowing multiple answers: In this case, no answer gets points unless:

  • The answer is marked as "the best answer".
  • The distinctive answer feature has been added, and in the event that the answer is chosen as a distinctive answer, the owner of the answer will be awarded points. "You are the one who determines the number of points for the distinctive answer."

Additional features that come with this plugin:

  • Allow or prevent users from answering their questions.
  • Allow or prevent users from hiding posts, except for admins.

What is the use of this plugin?

  • Prevent adding new answers that do not bear interest.
  • Points are awarded only for meritorious answers.
  • Deduction of points for wrong answers “Where the person rates the answer as downvote to allow them to add a new answer. In this case, you can specify the amount of points that will be deducted when the answer is evaluated as downvote.”

The cost of this Plugin is $15

To order, you can contact me via messages

Q2A version: V1.8.6, 1.8.5

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