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User profile, wall and Wordpress in 1.6.1

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asked Jul 7, 2013 in Q2A Core by polle
The profiles in 1.6.1 does not show complete and clicking the wall button of a user throws errors.

How can this be fixed when using wordpress integration ?

1 Answer

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answered Jul 7, 2013 by gidgreen

When using external user integration (such as WordPress) the wall navigation should not appear, neither should much of the other profile information. You can fix the wall link by removing the appropriate item in function qa_user_sub_navigation(...) in qa-app-format.php. This will be fixed in Q2A 1.6.2.

commented Jul 31, 2013 by gidgreen
Just now... :)
commented Aug 17, 2013 by wwweber
Cool, thanks!
But cannot find wall link now, and also cannot find user's general information under user tab, although activity on the right side is correctly displayed.
commented Aug 17, 2013 by polle
There is no link @wwweber, the fix was removing everything, and now there are no errors, but no functions as well. So you will not have a wall.
commented Sep 19, 2015 by afarrag
I'm using 1.7
Is there a way to make the wall work with external user integration?
Where do I start?