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Description: Mouse over any username to display detailed user profile information.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHHdwvAsapQ&wide

"Present user information in a fancier way and let others access it faster. Just hover your mouse over a username and get detailed profile data. This plugin gives your forum another touch of interactivity."


more info: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/user-info

demo: http://www.mathelounge.de/

plugin price: only 9 USD


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Not working for me and no error shown. It is activated in admin panel and some code is being executed. But the popover is not coming. 


Mhh, which version of q2a are you running?

Can you edit "q2apro-userinfo-page.php" and add *before* line:
   $queryUserpoints = qa_db_query_sub(...

The code:

This will write the $userid in an error_log file on your server. Let's see if it is set.
Thank you for that. I'm using q2a1.7.0 and it is working fine in 1.7.2. When I checked with the output I got


So, I got it to work after stripping the html tags.

Thanks for the help :)
To make it display correctly on Donut theme I had to add "display:inline" attribute for the images. It might help if someone reports this issue :)
Glad you could solve it. Thanks for the tip.