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Since the beginning of using q2a I was wondering how the "favorite" button (little star close to the question title in most themes) can be used. I think, actually no one of my 3000 users ever used it... and if they clicked the favorite button, I guess they saw no feature behind.

To give it more sense, I am developing a "follow this question" plugin currently (it uses the favorite feature).

1. Little star gets replaced by a button on question page

2. Click on button (follow question)

3. question is favorited in database

4. As soon as there is a comment or answer going in, all users who favorited the question, receive an email with link and content


Problems solved:

1. Favorite feature makes sense now!

2. before, when you posted a question, you receive an answer (you get notified), but if this answer gets a comment, you get no notification with the q2a core

3. users can follow the question without participating in the thread!


The plugin is active in my math forum, my users like it a lot.

Some more testing and some waiting for suggestions, then I will release the plugin.




Edit: Just to prove that nobody understands the favorite feature, especially for favoriting other users → most of the users favorited themselves!



UPDATE 2014-10-09:

Plugin released: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/follow-question


Q2A version: 1.6.3
Thats cool , I thought of adding this feature to my Email Notification Plugin . It is very good that you have done this as a separate plugin :) . Thanks
Hi amiyasahu, i did not know about your email notification plugin :) After my release you can add the layer overrides for the favorite button to your plugin, if needed. Just check out my code (release probably next week). Have a good day, Kai
Hi Kai , I was talking about this plugin http://www.question2answer.org/qa/34010/ . Though it does not have follow answer feature . Many of my users asked me about this feature , But due to time constraints I did not do . It is good that you have developed a plugin for the same , I dont have to do it again :P .  Have a good day , Amiya
thanks for this great plugin. just what I was looking for

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