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Any one using CleanStrap or knows where in the downloaded theme files this data is found. I went to: phpMyAdmin > database-name > options > cs_widgets_positions > ... the data there :(
Q2A version: 1.7

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I have another newer q2a site to which I installed Cleanstrap as well and the values were created there and I copied then as desired to my older site.
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it's not a good idea to manually change database values. especially without taking backup.

add this code to qa-theme.php after <?php tag. then visit your site. it should recreate widget position data. then remove the code.

        'Top' => 'Before navbar',
        'Header' => 'After navbar',
        'Header left' => 'Left side of header',
        'Header Right' => 'Right side of header',
        'Left' => 'Right side below menu',
        'Content Top' => 'Before questions list',
        'Content Bottom' => 'After questions lists',
        'Right' => 'Right side of content',
        'Bottom' => 'Below content and before footer',
        'Home Slide' => 'Home Top',
        'Home 1 Left' => 'Home position 1',
        'Home 1 Center' => 'Home position 1',
        'Home 2' => 'Home position 2',
        'Home 3 Left' => 'Home position 3',
        'Home 3 Center' => 'Home position 3',
        'Home Right' => 'Home right side',                        
        'Question Right' => 'Right side of question',
        'User Content' => 'On user page'

Noted and many thanks - going to try implementing right away :)
I got:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function cs_register_widget_position() in /home/satechhe/public_html/qa-theme/cleanstrap/qa-theme.php on line 1

values not yet recreated
What seems to have been done is to duplicate the database file names and options. Screenshot here http://satechhelp.co.za/Screenshot.png