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I plan to start working on Question2Answer 1.4 in March.

Please let me know the 5 most important improvements for you.

As in the past, your opinions will play a crucial role in determining what's implemented.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback!

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So ~when you plan to finish 1.4 and what features you chosed ? :)
I have been working on a way to replace the vote functionality with the google +1 buttons. I think it would be an interesting feature for future versions.  I also believe that an html sitemap would be extremely helpful. Could be based on categories and sub categories. I believe it would help quite a bit from an seo standpoint.
I guess this thread is closed.  I really would love to see user groups.  users who can ask questions, and users who can answer them.  It would make it possible to create expert sites, where only registered experts are allowed to respond.

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Registered Users Groups.

I would love to use Q2A for an experts site such as AVVO.  Need a mechanism to make sure that normal users cannot answer questions, but only Experts can answer questions.
You posted in the wrong question, requests for 1.5 go here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/8750/now-taking-requests-for-question2answer-1-5
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Gender field with image icon! smiley