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The development of the booking system is finally finished after 2 years. We have created the first comprehensive booking system, based on the question2answer framework. 


Some of the main features: 

  • full booking calendar with arbitrary time slots and pricing
  • full internationalization with more than 1500 language strings (currently available: EN, DE, LT) 
  • complete account balance system 
  • complete rating system for completed jobs 
  • contractors can determine preferred times for bookings, block times, manage times
  • complete event manager to find new times for an event OR other contractor that takes over
  • CLIENT system with: Events, Calendar, Ratings, Profile, Account overview, ... 
  • CONTRACTOR system with: Events, Calendar, Ratings, prefered week times, Profile, Income, ... 
  • ADMIN: Full control of everything going on. Balance sheets, all events booked and schedules
  • separate messaging system for clients and contractors
  • payment methods included: paypal, bank transfer
  • connects to the q2a forum - Booking button below each answer "book expert now"
  • works on any device: desktop, tab, mobile 
  • ... many more ... 

Try it out: https://en.kvanto.lt/

One of the best web designers from Lithuania did the overall design / theming / structure! 

We sell the complete software including design and plugins - as you find it on www.Kvanto.LT 

In other words: The complete system! 

Price: USD 990

If you are interested, please write an email to service@q2apro.com 

All the best

Q2A version: 1.7

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It's 1990,00 USD or 199,00 USD ? :)